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Flood Damage Repair for Pelham, NH

Water damage come from a variety of problems. Some causes of water damage include inclimate weather, damaged plumbing, and overflowing appliances. The Paul Davis team offers 24/7 water damage cleanup to your Pelham, NH property. We collaborate with your insurance companies to ensure the flood damage is taken care of so your home can be renewed without worry.

Get in Touch With Us Immediately

It’s important to act immediately when flood damage takes over your property. We will respond in a timely manner when you speak to our professionals at Paul Davis Restoration in Pelham, NH. Health issues can occur because of mold growth. There will be less damage to your home if you speak to Paul Davis Restoration sooner.

Evaluation of Your Home

When we arrive, we will quickly get started on a damage evaluation of your home. We will then provide a breakdown of the damage costs before beginning work. Because our Pelham, NH experts are trained well in water or flood damage renovation, we can provide the most correct estimate possible.

Elimination of Excess Water

The Paul Davis experts promptly initiate extracting standing flood water from your property when you have approved our cost estimate. In order to eradicate as much extra damaging water as we can, the Paul Davis team uses pumps. This process will speed up the waiting time and reduce the likelihood of dangerous mold growth. Our pros find water with top of the line moisture detectors in your drywall surfaces.

Ventilating Out Your Home

Your property may not be entirely ready, even after removing large amounts of water. We may need to replace carpets to avoid added damage to the sub floor. The Pelham, NH Paul Davis experts will accelerate the ventilation process with air blowers and dehumidifiers. To prevent unhealthy mold growth, our team want to make sure we are as detailed as possible.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Unpleasant odors can linger when your property takes damage from standing water. Deodorization is necessary for fabric materials. To finish treatment, we use sanitizing and disinfecting products to eliminate bad odors, including sterilizing your carpets and carpet pads.

Repair and Restoration

A restoration process is the final thing in order to make your house feel like home again. We will rebuild the affected sections of your home. When it comes to water damage, call up the experts at Paul Davis in Pelham, NH. When you live in a home with flood and water damage, we will assist you relieve some of the stress.