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Nashua, NH Flood Damage Repair

There are multiple problems that can result in flood or water damage. Bad weather, broken pipes, and overflowing fixtures are only the most common culprits behind water damage. The Paul Davis team provides flood or water damage cleanup to your Nashua, NH property. To ease the tension of dealing with water damage, we team up with your insurance companies.

Professional Remediation for Your Home

Avoiding cleanup after serious flooding or water can harm your property further. We know how crucial cleaning water damage is to saving your home, so we answer as soon as possible. Mold growth can make health problems occur. Contacting Paul Davis Restoration will result in less damage to your home.

Home Estimate

When we get to your home, we will immediately begin a damage assessment. Before we begin any work, we will provide you the most accurate estimate we can. We can provide you with the most accurate estimate because our experts in Nashua, NH have been trained well in water and flood damage restoration.

Excess Water Elimination

The Paul Davis experts quickly begin removing standing water from your property when you have approved our service estimate. In order to eradicate as much excess sitting water as we can, the Paul Davis team uses vacuums. This procedure will speed up the drying time and reduce the odds of harmful mold growth. We find water with high tech hygrometers in your drywall surfaces.

Home Drying

Though your property might seem dry after removing lots of water, but it isn’t. In order to avoid added damage to the sub floor, we may need to replace the carpets. Our Nashua, NH Paul Davis experts then quicken the ventilation process with air blowers or dehumidifiers. To prevent hazardous mold growth, our team will make sure we are as careful as possible.

Sanitizing and Cleaning Your Home

Bad odors can linger when flood water damages your property. Removing odors from your furniture, upholstery, clothing or other personal belongings may be highly recommended. To make sure your Nashua, NH home is dry, safe and clean,we will use our antibacterial germ products and antimicrobial mold growth products.


The final thing we will do to make you feel at home again is a reconstruction process. We will repair or rebuild the affected sections of your home. Get in touch with our experts in Nashua, NH when it comes to flood or water damage. We want to help you reduce some of the stress that comes with living in a flood-damaged home.