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Repairing Wind and Storm Damage in Merrimack, NH

Severe storms like winter storms have potential to be unexpected and likely will cause significant damage to your Merrimack, NH home. Elements like water, wind, and debris can seriously disturb your home. Our top priority is to fix immediate issues quickly, regardless of exterior or interior damage.

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Damage Caused by Storms

Although there are tornadoes across the country, it can be particularly unforgiving in NH. Your home is likely to have damage from whatever storms come your direction. You can have minor damage, or it can be devastating.

You’ll need to repair your home as quickly as you can, whether you’ve been part of a tornado or a harsh thunderstorm. Your personal property may have electric shortages and be affected by heavy rain and wind from these storms. Paul Davis Emergency Services provides specialist tornado damage repair to residents in Merrimack.

Blizzards are equally harmful, keeping you locked inside, unable to repair outdoor damage to your home. Your roof and siding may be damaged, and trees and utility poles can be knocked down because of heavy snow and high wind. With enough accumulation, heavy snow can break utility lines which can cause hazardous electric issues. Very low temperatures can freeze the plumbing system in your home. In the event your home deals with winter storm damage, contact Paul Davis for help.

Our Emergency Response Service

We offer 24/7 emergency services to Merrimack, NH because we realize that hazardous weather can hit at any moment. When you require prompt service, day or night, we promise to respond to your request.

Following storm damage, we will provide emergency board up services. Any areas of your home that correlate directly with Tarps are available to temporarily cover your roof to keep out further water leakage if unsafe stormy conditions continue.

Your Merrimack, NH home needs to be safe again. In addition to these emergency services, we can provide a damage assessment and provide recommendations for other services we have available.