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Flood Damage Cleanup Specialists

There can be multiple causes of flood and water damage. Some causes of water damage include natural disasters, damaged pipes, and leaking household items. The Paul Davis team is available for 24/7 water damage restoration to your Lyndeborough, NH home. We cooperate with your insurance policy to make certain the water damage is fixed so your home can be restored without stress.

Don’t Allow the Damage Worsen

It’s essential to act immediately when flood damage takes over your home. We will respond quickly when you get in touch with the restoration specialists at Paul Davis Restoration in Lyndeborough, NH. Mold growth can begin and create significant health problems. If you get in contact with Paul Davis Restoration quickly, your home will take on less damage.

The Paul Davis Process

When we arrive, we will immediately start a damage review of your home. We will then provide you with an appraisal of the costs before beginning work. Our Lyndeborough, NH technicians are trained extensively in flood or water damage repair, so we can provide you the most accurate estimate we can.

Elimination of Excess Water

Shortly after we calculate the level of work to be done, we start the water extraction system to rid your home of remaining moisture. In order to purge as much excess water as possible, our team uses pumps. This will quicken the drying time and reduce the possibility of harmful mold growth. Paul Davis’ high quality moisture detectors locate leftover water in your home.


After large amounts of moisture has been eliminated, your home might look done, but it isn’t. We may need to replace carpets to avoid excess damage to the sub floor. Our Paul Davis specialists next quicken the drying system with air blowers or dehumidifiers. We will ensure we are as detailed as possible to threatening mold growth can be prevented.

Cleaning Up the Aftermath

Bad odors can hang on when flooding hits your home. Getting rid of odors from your furniture, upholstery, clothing and other personal belongings could be necessary. Using our antibacterial treatments to eliminate germs and our antimicrobial treatments to lessen mold growth, we will ensure your Lyndeborough, NH home is clean, dry and safe.

Final Restoration

A rebuilding procedure is the final thing in order to make you feel at home again. The weakened parts of your home will be repaired. When it comes to water damage, call up our specialists in Lyndeborough, NH. We want to help you relieve some of the stress that comes with living in a home with flood and water damage.