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Bedford, NH Flood Damage Restoration

Multiple conditions can cause flood or water damage. Some causes of water damage include storms, leaking pipes, and leaking appliances. 24/7 water assistance is an option for your Bedford, NH property, covered by Paul Davis. We work with your insurance policy to ensure the water damage is fixed so your home can be renewed without stress.

Immediately Call Us

To avoid extensive harm resulting from water, it’s important to move fast. Get in touch with our Paul Davis team near Bedford, NH day or night, so we can respond immediately. Mold growth can start and cause significant health problems. Getting in contact with Paul Davis will result in less damage to your home.

Our Team’s Method

Your home will receive a damage evaluation immediately when we get there. Before we begin any work, we will provide you with an appraisal of the pricing of repair. Our Bedford, NH experts have been trained extensively in flood or water damage restoration, so we can provide you the most accurate estimate we possibly can.

Elimination of Excess Water

Shortly after our specialists know the amount of damage, we start the water extraction system to remove standing flood water from your property. Using vacuum units that eliminate the water from of your property, Paul Davis will purge as much excess water as possible. The chance of dangerous mold growth lowers when this drying process is finished. By implementing state of the art infrared cameras, we can elminiate remaining dampness in your ceilings, walls and floors.


Your property may not be entirely dry, even after eliminating large amounts of water. We may need to remove carpets to avoid excess damage to the sub floor. To The air movers we team of use will help with speeding up the drying process. To prevent unhealthy mold growth, our professionals will ensure we are as careful as possible.

Sanitizing and Cleaning Your Home

When flooding hits your property, it can give off a stale odor. Deodorization is helpful for furniture, upholstery or clothing. We will make sure your Bedford, NH home is clean, dry and safe by using our antibacterial treatments to eliminate germs and our antimicrobial treatments to decrease growth.

Final Repair and Restoration

The final thing to make you feel at home again is a rebuilding procedure. We will repair or rebuild the weak parts of your home. Get in touch with our professionals in Bedford, NH when it comes to water damage. We are available to help you, and take off some of the stress that comes with having flood and water damage in your home.