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Pinehurst, MA Flood Damage Repair

There can be many causes of flood or water damage. Water damage can be a result of bad weather, broken pipes, and overflowing appliances. Year-round water assistance is an option for your Pinehurst, MA home, provided by Paul Davis. The Paul Davis team is unique because we collaborate with your insurance company to prevent oversights or future issues.

Get in Touch With Us Immediately

Delaying remediation after moderate water damage can hurt your home more. Contact our Paul Davis servicemasters near Pinehurst, MA day or night, so we can respond quickly. Mold growth can make health issues occur. If you speak to Paul Davis as soon as possible, there will be less damage to your home.

Evaluation of Your Home

We will immediately begin a damage review of your home when we arrive. Prior to beginning our work, we will provide you the most exact estimate we can. Our Pinehurst, MA experts are very educated in flood and water damage repair, so we can provide you the most correct estimate possible.

Excess Water Extraction

Once our pros calculate the cost of damage, we start the water extraction process to rid your home of excess moisture. To successfully get rid of as much excess water as we can, the Paul Davis team uses vacuum units. The likelihood of dangerous mold growth lessens when this suction process is finished. We locate water using high tech moisture detectors in your ceilings, floors or walls.

Drying Your Home

Your home may not be totally ready, even after eliminating large amounts of water. In order to avoid excess damage to your sub floor, we may need to remove your carpets. Our Pinehurst, MA Paul Davis experts next quicken the drying system using air blowers or dehumidifiers. To prevent unhealthy mold growth, we want to ensure we are as detailed as possible.

Sanitizing and Cleaning Your Home

Bad odors can hang on when your home takes damage from standing water. Eliminating odors from your furniture, upholstery, clothing or other personal belongings may be needed. We will make sure your Pinehurst, MA home is clean, safe and dry by using our antibacterial products to take care of germs and our antimicrobial products to lessen growth.


A reconstruction procedure is the last step to take in order to make you feel at home again. We will repair or rebuild the weak sections of your home. Call our experts in Pinehurst, MA when your home has water damage. We want to help you alleviate some of the stress that comes with living in a flood-damaged home.