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Paul Davis Restoration Flood Removal Specialists

Flood or damage come from multiple things. Inclimate weather, leaking pipes, and overflowing appliances are just the most common causes of water damage. Whatever shape the problem takes, keep in mind that Paul Davis Restoration provides 24/7 response for water damage in your North Billerica property. We cooperate with your insurance policy to make certain the water damage is fixed so your home can be restored without anxiety.

Immediately Get in Touch With Us

When flood damage harms your home, it’s imperative to take immediate action. Get in touch with our Paul Davis team around North Billerica, MA anytime, and we will respond immediately. Mold growth can make significant health issues develop. Calling Paul Davis will result in less damage to your home.

Our Team’s Method

Your home will get a damage assessment right when we get there. Before we begin any work, we will provide you an estimate of the costs of repair. Our North Billerica, MA experts have been very knowledgeable in water or flood damage renovation, so we can offer you the best estimate we can.

Excess Water Extraction

The Paul Davis experts quickly start cleaning out remaining moisture from your property as soon as you have approved our service estimate. To successfully remove as much extra water as we can, the Paul Davis team implements pumps. This will accelerate the drying time and reduce the probability of dangerous mold growth. Paul Davis’ high quality humidity-detecting instruments find leftover dampness in your home.


When large amounts of water has been removed, your property might look dry, but it isn’t. We may need to remove carpets to prevent further damage to the sub floor. To The air movers or dehumidifiers we North Billerica, MA experts use will help in quickening the drying process. We will ensure we are as thorough as possible to dangerous mold growth can be prevented.

Sanitizing and Cleaning Your Property

When flooding hits your property, a moldy odor lingers in the air. If the smell stays, you’ll have to remove the odor from your fabric wares. Using disinfecting products, the Paul Davis team can eliminate moldy smells that might linger in your curtains.

Restoration and Repair

The final touch to make you feel at home again is a restoration procedure. We will repair or rebuild the weak parts of your home. Call the experts in North Billerica, MA when your home experiences flood damage. Allow us to take off the stress that comes with living in a home with water damage.