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North Andover, MA Flood Damage Restoration

Many different conditions can cause water damage. Some causes of indoor flooding can be bad weather, busted pipes, and leaking household items. Paul Davis Restoration offers flood damage restoration to your North Andover, MA property. We collaborate with your insurance policy to make sure the flood damage is taken care of so your home can be restored without trouble.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Us

It’s important to act quickly when water damage comes into your property. Contact the restoration experts at Paul Davis Restoration in North Andover, MA and we will take action as quickly as possible. Significant health issues can begin because of mold growth. There will be less damage to your home if you call Paul Davis Restoration quickly.

Evaluation of Your Home

When we arrive, we will immediately start a damage assessment of your home. We will provide you with the most accurate estimation we can before beginning any work. We can give you the most correct estimate because our experts in North Andover, MA are trained extensively in water damage renovation.

Excess Water Removal

We quickly start extracting remaining water from your property as soon as you approve our cost estimate. With the help of industrial strength vacuum units that suck the sitting water from of your property, Paul Davis will eradicate as much extra water as we can. The probability of further mold growth decreases once this suction process is complete. Our high quality humidity-detecting instruments locate leftover water in your home.

Drying Your Home

Your property may not be completely dry, even after removing lots of moisture. To prevent excess harm to the sub floor, we may need to take out the carpets. To speed up the drying steps, our North Andover, MA professionals will move to air movers or dehumidifiers. We will ensure we are as thorough as possible to harmful mold growth can be avoided.

Cleaning Up the Aftermath

When flooding strikes your property, a moldy smell can stick in your property. Your furniture, upholstery or clothing We will make sure your North Andover, MA home is safe, clean and dry by using our antibacterial treatments to remove germs and our antimicrobial treatments to decrease growth.

Final Restoration

The final touch to make your house feel like home again is a rebuilding process. We will repair or rebuild the weak areas of your home. When it comes to flood damage, contact our experts in North Andover, MA. We want to help you reduce some of the stress that comes with having a flood-damaged home.