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Flood Damage Remediation Experts

Flood damage originate from a variety of things. Inclimate weather, leaking pipes, and leaking appliances are only a few of the culprits behind indoor flooding. 24/7 water assistance is an option for your Lowell, MA property, provided by Paul Davis Restoration. To soothe the tension resulting from water damage, we can with your insurance provider.

Call Us Immediately

When flood damage comes into your home, it’s crucial to take urgent action. Paul Davis knows how crucial removing water damage is to saving your home, so we come to the assist as soon as possible. Mold growth can make health problems develop. There will be less damage to your home if you speak with Paul Davis as soon as possible.

Evaluation of Your Home

When we arrive, we will immediately start a damage evaluation of your home. Prior to beginning any work, we will give you the most exact estimate we can. Because our Lowell, MA experts are trained thoroughly in flood or water damage repair, we are able to provide the most correct estimate possible.

Removal of Excess Water

As soon as our pros know the amount of damage, we initiate the water extraction system to clean your property of remaining flood water. In order to get rid of as much extra water as we can, the Paul Davis team uses pumps. The chance of harmful mold growth lowers once this drying process is complete. Our advanced moisture detectors find any dampness in your walls, ceilings and floors.

Home Drying

Your property may not be completely dry, even after removing lots of moisture. To prevent added damage to the sub floor, we may need to remove the carpets. Our experts then speed up the drying steps using air blowers and dehumidifiers. So unsafe mold growth can be avoided, we will make sure we are as careful as we can be.

Sanitizing and Cleaning Your Home

When your home has been hit by flooding, a stale odor lingers in the air. fabric items Using disinfecting treatments, we remove stale odors that might cling to your curtains.

Final Restoration

The final thing is a restoration process that will make you feel at home again. Repairs can be minor, such as replacing carpet, drywall, or repainting. More major restoration may include reconstructing areas of your home. When it comes to water damage, call up the experts in Lowell, MA. We are available to lend a hand to you, and lighten some of the stresses that come with having water damage in your home.